SynPak PDC

SynPak polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters and inserts are engineered to meet the challenges of Oil and Gas drilling and Mining economically and effectively. Depending on the application requirements, NDP has a SynPak PDC product that will help you improve the economics of your business and the value you offer to your customers.

NDP focusses on providing a balance of performance, quality and service with very good value. Working with its customers and partners, NDP utilises its experience and expertise in all areas of synthetic diamond manufacture and application, to continually improve and optimise its product portfolio.

SynPak PDC Cutters

The main application for NDP’s SynPak PDC range is in fixed cutter PDC bits and downhole tools used in drilling for oil and gas. The SynPak PDC cutter range includes:

  • P Series: For the most demanding rock drilling applications requiring a combination of good impact and wear resistance with consistent performance (primary cutters in more demanding drilling applications and tender bit orders)
  • S Series: For general rock drilling applications requiring good impact and abrasion resistance with consistent performance (tender bit orders, easier drilling)
  • E Series: For less demanding rock drilling applications requiring consistent performance at the lowest cost (gauge, backups, easier drilling where cost is a priority)
  • X Series: Developed to meet customers requirements for specialised applications requiring PDC product solutions

All NDP’s SynPak PDC cutters undergo 100% inspection and quality checks, in addition to which abrasion and impact performance tests are conducted on every production batch manufactured. All standard sizes and finishes (lapped or polished) for each of the product ranges are available, and NDP will work with customers to meet specialised requirements or needs.

SynPak PDC Inserts

In addition to the SynPak PDC cutters, typically used in PDC bits and downhole tools, NDP offers a range of PDC inserts with domed or conical PCD layers, which can be used for example in roller-cone bits, percussion bits or for gauge or depth of cut (DOC) protection and control on fixed cutter bits. Depending on the application requirements, the material properties and design of the carbide substrates and PCD layers can be modified to optimise performance.