Synpak PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is primarily used in cutting tools for machining abrasive and/or hard non-ferrous materials such as laminates, MMC’s, composites, carbides and aluminium. Due to the ability to edm-machine or laser-machine parts with different geometries, there are also many other uses, including concrete floor grinding or for specialised wear parts.

NDP carries a full range of SynPak PCD of varying pcd grain sizes, from fine-grained to coarser-grained, offering differing degrees of wear resistance, toughness and finish material surface finish. All of the products have tungsten carbide-cobalt substrates, which both improves the overall toughness and facilitates their being bonded to tools by processes such as brazing and vacuum welding.

Typically for heavier machining and aggressive applications, such as interrupted cutting or milling, a coarser-grained product would be used, whereas for finer machining operations, where surface finish is more important, a fine-grained material would be more suitable. NDP is able to advise on which grade is most suitable for your application and on all aspects of fixing/bonding SynPak PCD to your tools.

Discs and Segments

SynPak PCD is available both in ‘blank’ disc format (up to 55 mm in diameter, total thickness up to 15 mm and with a range of diamond thicknesses up to about 2.5 mm) or in cut segment format. It is readily machinable using either electro-discharge machining (EDM) or laser-machining, and can therefore be provided in a diversity of shapes and sizes. The surface finish of the pcd can also vary from being lapped to machined or polished depending upon requirements.