Lapping, Honing & Polishing

Lapping, honing and polishing are the finishing processes after the stock removal stages to give a final size to the component or product and a high level of surface finish. It is used in many industries: natural and manmade stone products, ceramics, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and many products in the electronics industry.

Because stock removal rates are extremely low, these processes are often slow but that is a compromise usually accepted because the final surface finish is the key objective.

The process is usually carried out with a special purpose machine using a specific design of abrasive tool but often, there is no tool just a slurry of abrasive material

NDP supply a wide range of products to suit these industries: SynMic, PolyMic and cBNMic as loose abrasives are used in the manufacture of the Superabrasive tools. SynMic would typically be used for materials such as natural stone; cBNMic for lapping and honing of ferrous metals, particularly in the automotive industries.

For many lapping applications, slurries are used and SynLap is the NDP proprietary product that is supplied as
“stabilised” slurry, which retards the settling out of the diamond.