Oil and Gas Drilling

Energy is the basis for the world moving forward and while ever more attention is being paid to alternative, sustainable sources of energy, the Oil and Gas Industry remains key to meeting the world’s energy needs. More so than ever before, the production of oil and gas needs to be as efficient as possible, so as to minimise the cost and any negative environmental impacts.

Before any oil or gas ever gets to the surface for processing into the fuels, chemicals, plastics and pharamaceuticals that sustain life on a daily basis, a drill bit has been used to drill through the rock of the earths surface to where the oil and gas deposits lie. Drilling for – and producing – oil and gas requires huge amounts of equipment, infrastructure and investment, and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters are literally at the cutting tip of these operations.

Today, over 80% of the footage drilled for oil and gas production is done using PDC Bits. This has been made possible by advances in PDC, such that they are now capable of drilling the hardest and toughest formations, more economically and effectively than any other technology. Only ~20% of the footage drilled uses the older roller-cone and impregnated bit technologies.

NDP’s diamond products address most Oil and Gas drilling requirements:

NDP’s SynPak PDC range is targeted at driving improved economics and value for our customers, by offering fit-for-purpose cutters for all application requirements. Whether that is lower-cost backup or gauge cutters for more cost-sensitive applications, or premium cutters for the most demanding applications.


Also available in domed or conical configurations, NDP’s ‘shaped’ SynPak PDC inserts are suited to use in roller-cone bits, or for gauge/blade protection of PDC bits, as well as for use in the Mining industry.


NDP’s SynMesh diamond range is ideally suited to Impregnated drill bit applications. Available in various fine to coarse sizes, with various coatings to facilitate bonding within the matrix of the bit.


NDP’s NanoPak thermally stable polycrystalline diamond products can be made to various sizes and shapes for use in wear protection especially when there is high thermal loading. Also available with coatings, they can be directly sintered into the matrix of carbide-bodied PDC bits for example, where they provde excellent gauge protection.