Diamond Slurries

The conventional definition of slurry is a mixture of water and small particles of a solid. The particles are not normally suspended in the liquid and are maintained in suspension by agitation during the use of the slurry. In NDP slurries, the particles are micron sized diamond particles and the liquid (carrier vehicle) can be oil or water based. Oil or emulsions are the most common.

Slurries have a higher viscosity than suspensions but can still be poured easily from a bottle. Highly viscous slurries are often referred to as  “gels”.

NDP slurries are specified internally by:
Diamond type
Diamond size
Concentration of diamond
Chemical components of the slurry
Viscosity of the slurry

NDP produce unique stabilised slurries in both oil and water based products. Stabilised slurries retard the “settling” out of the diamond particles. This produces a more homogeneous product and minimises the risk of fluctuating concentrations. In most cases a stabilised slurry will have a slightly increased viscosity over the non-stabilised product.


SynLap slurries can be used in a wide variety of applications in both lapping and polishing:

  • Lapping of high pressure ceramic seals (silicon carbide for example)
  • Lapping of orthopaedic implants
  • Lapping of sapphire substrates prior to polishing
  • Lapping of sapphire watch glass prior to polishing
  • Lapping of metallic components