SynMic is NDP’s exclusive trade name for our synthetic monocrystalline mesh sized diamond product. It typifies our company and philosophy: we process each SynMic product from a blend of raw materials, each one of which has been stringently tested to ensure that its characteristics are within closely controlled parameters. We can therefore guarantee that the final product not only meets specification but will do so every time we produce a batch. Complete quality assurance for us and our customers.

SynMic 2, SynMic 6 and SynMic 8S

SynMic 2SynMic 6




SynMic 2                                                                    SynMic 6

The SynMic 2 and SynMic 6 ranges of synthetic monocrystalline micron diamond are designed specifically for use in metal bond and electroplated tools. They are available in the range 0-0.25 to 40-60 micron and, although both products are from the same synthesis process, they provide for two distinct diamond shapes:

SynMic 2 is a standard “jet milled” product with the most irregular particle shape and can be considered an economy grade.

SynMic 6 is a unique offering from NDP, the perfect shape controlled micron diamond. It is considered the optimum product for PCD / PcBN cutting tool grinding, rough grinding, fine grinding and is ideally suited to electroplated tools and vitrified bonded grinding wheels.

SynMic 8S is an extremely high purity micron with a shape similar to SynMic 2 and has been specifically developed for synthesis of polycrystalline diamond materials. ICP certification is supplied as standard with SynMic 8S.

SynMic RBH and SynMic RBHN

SynMic RBH is the resin bond version of the synthetic monocrystalline micron diamond from NDP. It is processed from a resin bond, friable diamond source and will have a darker colour when compared to the SynMic 2, 6 and 8S products. It is available across the full particle size distribution range and, above 10-20 micron, it is available with a 56% electroless nickel cladding, SynMic RBHN.

SynMic RBH

SynMic RBH




synmic2SynMic is widely used in lapping and polishing applications for a host of nonferrous metals, ceramics, natural and man-made stone.