SynMesh is NDP’s exclusive trade name for our synthetic monocrystalline mesh sized diamond product. We build each SynMesh Focused_Stack4product from a blend of raw materials, each one of which has been stringently tested to ensure that its characteristics are within closely controlled parameters. We can therefore guarantee that the final product not only meets specification but will do so every time we produce a batch. Complete quality assurance for us and our customers.


Nickel clad SynMesh PDSSynMesh PDS

For coarse grain sizes in the metal bond range SynMesh PDS grits are provided in sizes from 70/80 to 10/12 US mesh and in the SynMesh mm range to 4 mm stones, in a range of strength distributions. The grits are available with a number of coatings including titanium carbide and nickel. This product is particularly designed to meet the exacting requirements of the stone processing, construction and ceramic industries.


SynMesh MBHSynMesh MBH

For metal bond tools, both sintered and electroplated, the finer diamond size product line is SynMesh MBH. Depending on the particle strength and shape required, SynMesh MBH is available in sizes between 500/600 and 30/40 US mesh and with a number of coating options including titanium carbide and nickel. This diamond is used extensively in the stone processing, glass, ceramics and single crystal wafer lapping.


SynMesh RBPSynMesh RBP

The standard product for resin bond tools is SynMesh RBP and this is most frequently used in the clad version known as SynMesh RBP SN56. The cladding for the RBP is electroless nickel with an assay of 56%. SynMesh RBP SN30 with a 30% cladding is also available. The range spans 325/400 to 60/70 US mesh.