NDP is one of the few companies in the world to offer the PolyMic range in our portfolio. PolyMic is, uniquely for a micron product, manufactured by the detonation process. Its structure is polycrystalline and, in breaking down readily during use, it provides increased productivity and improved surface finish with no sub-surface damage. It is available in the range 0-0.2 to 6-12 micron.

Monocrystalline micron diamond

The production cycle involves a series of discrete processes:

  • Detonation synthesis
  • Wet chemical purification
  • Hydration, de-agglomeration, cleaning, washing
  • Splitting, grading, sizing and segregation: high speed centrifugation for sizes below 2 micron and sedimentation for sizes above.
  • Drying and crushing (where necessary)

slurriesimg2Each batch is put through a rigorous QC process, involving

  • Element analysis
  • SEM – Particle morphology and shape
  • X-Ray diffraction – Diamond content
  • Specific surface area – Purity and size
  • Particle size distribution – Size quantification
  • Density – Diamond content & purity
  • Conductivity – Surface purity

polymicExamples of processing applications include:

  • R, A and C plane sapphire
  • Silicon carbide
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Silicon nitride
  • Zinc sellenide