Diamond Abrasives – SynMesh, SynMic and PolyMic

Our range of loose synthetic diamond products exemplifies the NDP philosopher and strategy. We source the highest quality raw materials: inspect, size, test, characterize and then blend them to build products with the exact specification that our customers require.

Every incoming batch of raw materials used as our building blocks for SynMesh and SynMic is tested for:

MicroscopeVisual appearance

Toughness measurement – Ti & TTi

Particle size distribution

Magnetic susceptibility and elemental composition

Coating and cladding density

The coarsest products are sized by sieves but the finest micron products are sized by micronisation, a process of size separation by centrifugation and/or sedimentation. All products undergo microscopic examination to ensure that the shape is correct.

Our monocrystalline diamond abrasive grits and powders are available from 0- 0.25 micron through to 4mm stones, with a Focused_Stack1comprehensive range of shapes and strengths. The SynMesh range encompasses 500/600 US mesh to 4mm stones and the SynMic range from 0-0.25 micron through to 40-60 micron. Selected products in the SynMesh and SynMic range are also available with a choice of surface coatings and treatments including smooth and spikey nickel and titanium carbide.

PolyMicNDP has also developed an innovative range of polycrystalline micron products, PolyMic, spanning the range 0-0.2 micron to 6-12 micron. This product is not manufactured by the conventional High Temperature high/Pressure Press technology but be the detonation synthesis method. This yields very different diamond characteristics: each individual grain is crystalline in nature, meaning that it is more friable than conventional micron; it breaks down easily during cutting and this leads to high stock removal rates and low stresses in the resultant surface.