cBNMic is a sister product to cBNMesh. It is designed for the specialised market of lapping, honing and polishing of ferrous metals. -cbn-ew2cbn-ew2-main-sLike SynMic, cBNMic typifies our company and philosophy: we build each cBNMic product from a blend of raw materials, each one of which has been stringently tested to ensure that its characteristics are within closely controlled parameters. We can therefore guarantee that the final product not only meets specification but will do so every time we produce a batch. Complete quality assurance for us and our customers. cBNMic is available in two colours; both amber and black, the reason for the difference in colour is due to segregation of the cBN feed at source. The sizing technology and subsequent processing is the same for both grades.

cBNMic is available in a range of sizes:

0-0.5 0-1 0.5-1.5 0-2
2-4 3-6 4-6 4-8
5-10 6-12 8-12 8-16
10-15 10-20 12-22 20-30
22-36 30-40 36-54 40-60

cbnEvery lapping, honing and polishing application is different and, therefore, successful adoption of CBNMic will require extensive field trials to perfect the process to give the right combination of finish, stock removal rates and longevity of the tools. Fundamental to this process is the knowledge that NDP’s stringent control of the particle size distribution, cBN feed source and surface cleanliness will ensure no colour variation in the product and guarantee that every individual batch of a specific cBNMic product will give an identical performance.