NanoPak is NDP’s Thermally Stable Polycrystalline product for high temperature wear applications. NanoPak is a composite structural ceramic consisting predominantly of silicon carbide and synthetic micron diamond sintered together to for a solid matrix. NanoPak is available with a range of diamond distributions and bond derivatives to provide an optimised balance between wear and toughness.

In particular, the use of fine micron diamond in conjunction with coarser sizes re-enforces the softer SiC binder phase, significantly reduces the mean free path of the diamond particles and maximises the diamond fill of the composite. It has been shown to significantly improve wear resistance , particularly in erosive and abrasive sliding wear applications.

In all other respects, the characteristics of NanoPak parallel those of other conventional TSP materials:

It has an inert binder phase so that there are no chemical incompatibilities with other metals present.

It has a diamond content of 80-85% by volume.

It is thermally stable up to 1,200 degree C.

It can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the exact requirements of the application.

Due to its excellent thermal stability, NanoPak segments can be sintered directly into metal matrix composites. NanoPak materials can be difficult to fix onto surfaces because of the presence of free silicon in the matrix, which is difficult to adhere to. For this reason, the key to successful use of NanoPak segments is in the metallic coating that is applied to the segment to allow for brazing or “pseudo” welding and NDP have developed a range of these coatings.