John Sexton, Chairman and Business Development Director at NanoDiamond ProductsJohn Sexton: Chairman and Business Development Director
John started his career in industrial diamonds in Technical Support for DeBeers Industrial Diamonds. He owned and ran a specialised industrial diamond tool company throughout the 1990s, has held senior managerial positions in a number of manufacturing companies and was on the board of Porvair plc until 2008.
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Derek-Wright-Derek Wright: Chief Executive Officer
Derek has worked for almost his entire career in Element Six, rising to the position of Executive Director, responsible for diamond and cBN sales, worldwide. Whilst with them he continuing his education, which culminated in gaining his Ph.D. in 1986. Having spent several years researching nanodiamond, he retired from Element Six in 2008 to pursue his interest in their development within NDP.
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Karl Tuffy: Production DirectorKarl Tuffy: Production Director
Karl is a mechanical engineer, with a research Masters degree in thin film PVD coatings for the cutting tool industry. For the many years he worked for Element Six in Market Support for the cBN, diamond and micron markets, specialising in micron and nanodiamond products and left Element Six in 2009 to establish NDP with his colleagues.
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Siobhan Boyd: Chief Financial Officer
Siobhan qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1993 and worked in an Accounting and Audit practice for 10 years. She then moved to the retail industry where she stayed for almost 15 years gaining experience of finance and customer service, two areas of key importance to us since she joined NDP in 2013.
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Alex Engels: Process and Development DirectorAlex Engels: Process and Development Director
Alex trained as a Metallurgical Engineer with a Masters in Composites from the North West University (NWU) in South-Africa.  After graduation, he worked at the DeBeers Diamond Research Laboratory and then moved to DeBeers Shannon in 2000. Alex then spent some years outside the diamond industry in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries and an extensive period with GE Oil and Gas as Lead Project Manager before returning to the diamond industry with NDP in 2014.
Tel: +353 61 360333